Our Health & Safety Policy

Maidstone Studios Ltd Health & Safety Policy Statement

Maidstone Studios Ltd is a leading TV Studio Facilities / Hire Company and Commercial Landlord with facilities in Maidstone Kent which invests in, maintains, supports and renews the facilities.

Maidstone Studios Ltd recognise our responsibility under current Health & Safety legislation and believe that incidents are preventable and this belief underpins our commitment to people and assets. We will ensure that all workplace risks are identified and mitigated to an acceptable level and we will strive towards sustainable Safety and Health improvement.

Maidstone Studios Ltd is actively commited to the provision of strong and active leadership; the engagement of the workforce in the promotion and achievement of safe and healthy conditions and the formal assessment and review of our performance. Maidstone Studios Ltd will provide adequate resources, information and training to ensure that the Management Teams can deliver this policy and its objectives and that standards and objectives set in the Maidstone Studios Ltd Health & Safety Management Systems together with legislation requirements are delivered.

Maidstone Studios Ltd will:

  • Through visible and active leadership, ensure that employees and our supply chain are aware that working safely is a condition of employment;
  • Identify and mitigate to an acceptable level, workplace safety and health risks;
  • Ensure employees are trained to undertake the tasks required;
  • Ensure employees are empowered to delay or postpone any activity that is considered unsafe or in contradiction to our philosophy;
  • Integrate safety and health matters into our business decisions;
  • Engage with our stakeholders, business partners and supply chain colleagues to ensure that their Health & Safety management standards and practices meet or exceed the expectations of this policy;
  • Comply with applicable Health & Safety legislation and legal requirements;
  • Strive for continual improvement in safety and health performance;
  • Provide our employees with information on health care;
  • Undertake regular reviews of this Safety and Health policy to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to our business activities;
  • Share this policy with employees, stakeholders, business partners and members of the public;

Senior management will review this policy annually and establish objectives and targets that are consistent with the company’s vision.

This Safety and Health Policy Statement will be communicated to staff and members of our supply chain and a copy will be published on the H & S notice board and our website.


David Parker
Operations Director
Maidstone Studios Ltd.